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Are you a new importer and unsure of what comes next?

You have come to the right place; our job is to help you navigate the intricacies of clearing your goods with US Customs and other government agencies.

What is my responsibility as an Importer?


As an Importer, US Customs places the burden of classifying your products on you. They require a 10 Digit Harmonized Tarriff Schedule (HTS) number. Do not panic, we can help you navigate the Harmonized Tarriff Schedule.

Customs Value

As an Importer it is important that you understand the value that will be declared to US Customs on your import shipment. Depending on other factors the price listed on the commercial invoice may not be the value that should be reported to US Customs.

Country of Origin

As an Importer it is important to make sure that the country of origin of your products will be visible on your commercial invoice. This can determine if you are subject to additional duties including antidumping and countervailing duties. On the inverse your product may be exempt from duties due to free trade agreements.

Duties and Taxes

As an Importer you are liable for any duties and taxes associated with your import shipment. There are many options when it comes to satisfy the payment with US Customs, and we can walk you through all the options.

Why should I use a Customs Broker?

Our job is designed to make your job easier. We are well versed in complex regulatory matters, documentation requirements and the filing process with US Customs. 

Why do I need to sign a Power Of Attorney with a Customs Broker?

The Power Of Attorney (POA) allows a Customs Broker to transact Customs business on behalf of the Importer. If a POA is not signed a Customs Broker does not have the authority to file entry with US Customs or intercede on behalf of the importer with US Customs.

What is Customs Bond?

US Customs requires a bond on file to allow clearance of goods into the United States. The bond acts as agreement between the Importer, a Surety and US Customs that the Importer will comply with Customs regulations and guarantee the payment of Duties and taxes to US Customs. There are options when it comes to choosing the right bond for your company and we are here to assist with that decision.

What is an Importer Security filing?

Before your merchandise departs from its overseas port. US Customs requires certain data elements to be reported electronically. This requirement only applies to cargo arriving via ocean vessel. The filing is not required for any other mode of transportation. 

What documents do I need to provide to my Customs Broker?

  • Commercial or Proforma Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of lading or Airway Bill
  • Any other pertinent documentation including but not limited to Certificates of origin, Import Licenses for other government agencies and Free Trade Certificates.

How are Duties and Taxes calculated and how can I pay them?

  • Duties and taxes are calculated based on the value of your merchandise. The duty rate is a percentage of the value and is directly related to the Harmonized Tarriff Schedule 10-digit number that is provided at time of entry with US Customs. US Customs will also include a Merchandise processing fee and Harbor Maintenance Fee (applies to ocean freight only). There are additional factors that may increase or decrease the amount of duty owed at the time of entry.
  • Payment of Duties and Taxes can be made directly US Customs via their periodic monthly ACH Debit program. Arrangements may also be made to outlay the payment on your behalf.

What do I need to know about record keeping?

  • US Customs requires that records of your shipment need to be maintained for five years from the date of entry.
  • Your company should be able to produce a copy of your documentation related to the shipment to US Customs.
  • Examples of records would be your commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, certificates of origin and an entry summary.

How to set up an account with HG?

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